Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of taking an online course with Medix Online?

With Medix Online, you have:

  1. One year activation period for all of our courses.
  2. You can set your own schedule. All assignments and exams are taken online and at your own scheduled time. Our courses do not require you to be online at any particular time of the day or night.
  3. The course fee includes the cost of textbooks or software required and a certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course.
  4. Our continuous intake structure enables you to start the course at any time.
  5. Access to instructors via email or scheduled chats.

How long do I have to complete my course?

The course activation period is one year. That means you have one year from the registration date within which to complete all requirements of the course.

I am taking a package course. Does that mean I have 2 years to complete both courses?

No. Course activation period is one year from registration date whether it is a single or package course. You have to complete all requirements of the course/s within this activation period.

I am taking a package course. Does that mean I have do complete both courses simultaneously?

No. You have the option to work simultaneously or complete one course and start the other. The only necessity is that all requirements for both courses are completed within the one-year activation period.

My 1 year activation period has come to an end. I have not completed my course. What can I do?

You can choose to reactivate your course. The course reactivation fee is $75. This will give you access for another one year.  You can request for this through our Apply Online page. Click here for the help file.

How many hours do I need to complete my course?

The course duration given in the course outline specifies the number of hours it takes to complete the course. It is recommended that you spend at least 5- 10 hours per week to finish the course within the stipulated time period.

What are the computer requirements for the courses?

You will need access to PC computer with Internet connection.  

Please check the course outline for requirements that are specific to each course.

What is the passing grade for Medix Online courses?

The passing grade is 65%.

I am not interested in this course anymore. Can I get a refund?

We have a strict no refund policy. Please see our terms and conditions.

Will Medix Online help with Job Placement?

Unfortunately we do not offer job placement support for students taking online certificate courses.

Will Medix Online courses get me a job?

Medix Online courses are used for professional upgrading and adding to existing skills required within the healthcare industry.  Our courses are meant for growth and self-interest. These courses are not designed for career preparation.  We offer options through Medix College for those looking for a new career in healthcare.

Are Medix Online courses accredited or Government Approved?

Medix Online courses are not accredited and do not require approval under the Private Career Colleges ACT 2005.

I have completed my course. How can I get my certificate?

A certificate of completion will be issued within 3 weeks once all requirements for the course have been completed. The certificate can be picked up from any of our campuses located in Toronto, Brampton or Scarborough or you can opt to have it mailed out to you. Please contact your course coordinator if you have not received your certificate within the stipulated period.

Do I receive a marks transcript upon completion of my course?

No. A marks transcript is not issued by default. You can print a copy of your marks from the grades section of your course account. If you require an official transcript, you can request for one through our Apply Online page. There is a $20 charge associated with it and takes up to 3 weeks to be generated. Click here for the help file.

Does Medix Online issue T2202A for the courses taken?

Yes, T2202A income tax receipts, for the calendar year ending December 31, will be mailed out to you on or after March 31st of the following year. Please make sure to update us with your current mailing address if you move.