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How Medical Billing Can Help You with Your Healthcare Career

With the healthcare industry being one of the fastest growing field, Medix College is extending their education to Medix Online. Medix Online offers online courses for students who are interested in continuing education and upgrading credentials. 

Among many of the courses offered, Medical Billing (OHIP) has proven to become one of the most rewarding programs to take due to the ability to grow within the position. 

Students will learn how to apply the basic principles of health claim billing as outlined in the Ontario Ministry of Health’s “Schedule of Benefits.” Although the course is online, the instructors are there to help you every step of the way to ensure student success.

What does a Medical Billing Worker do?

Medical billing workers help health care professional update medical records, process healthcare forms and retrieve payment from patients. With our Medical Billing program, students will learn how to complete health claims and the reconciliation of accounts. The student will learn to input Health Number billing on a computerized system.

Our courses are designed to be easy-to-follow, self-explanatory and straight forward. We also ensure that our instructors always available for any questions and support!

Transferable skills

Unlike most healthcare careers, becoming a Medical Billing coordinator does not require an intensive four-year program. Our Medix program offers flexibility and accommodation in which students can complete their training in less than a year. This makes it extremely practical for workers to complete their education within a timely manner to quickly obtain an entry-level position.

Furthermore, pursuing education in medical billing can help broaden your career opportunities due to being able to adopt transferable skills. Getting certified as a medical billing expert opens up your opportunities in the medical reception and administration field.

As a medical billing professional, you will be trained to pay close attention to detail. Some of the transferable skills in which you can develop are: interpersonal customer service, having intense knowledge of medical terminology, and gaining skills in accounting and bookkeeping. 

Your role also includes a deep knowledge of computer programs, in which you can promote your technical skills as a problem-solver who can work independently and within a team. With the position requiring mostly work at a desk, there are also increasing positions that offer remote work as well!

Lots of options for work 

As a Medical Billing worker, you’ll have the potential to work in diverse workspaces such as: hospitals, medical offices/clinics, nursing homes, educational institutes and even medical laboratories. 

Companies that hire medical billing positions range from healthcare offices, to insurance companies, and more. Therefore, the skills and knowledge of a medical billing professional can offer dynamic experiences that allows you to build up the ladder in the workforce! With your transferable skills, you are set up to possibly grow and have a smooth transition to even become a medical administrator.

Online application process

At Medix Online, we offer a simple and easy application process. Once you have applied online, you will have a year to complete the course. Thus, this flexibility allows you to finish the program within your own time and pace. So, no rush!

Shabnam, a previous student of the course, expressed, “I took the OHIP Billing course so I can help my husband in his practice. Taking the course has helped me a great deal, as I am much more comfortable with the billing codes.” 

Becoming a specialist in this field can pair you with practical skills in the healthcare industry. Our program can help you with enriched learning in regards to how the Ministry of Health operates. As a medical billing expert, you become a vital member to the behind-the-scenes process of healthcare–ensuring that confidential information to accurate and up-to-date. You will be able to work alongside with other healthcare professionals of diverse backgrounds. For instance, you will be learning to bill for families, health networks, medical specialists, surgeons and more. This will ultimately help you gain insight into expanding your healthcare career!

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It was a great experience. I learned a lot and would definitely recommend taking online courses from Medix

Amanda S.
OHIP Billing

I’m applying–and being considered–for a position as a Registration Clerk in the Emergency Department in a London, Ontario Hospital. The course itself was very intense, but interesting. The main reason I chose Medix, as opposed to our local college, was that I could work on it, and complete it at my own pace. I really didn’t have a need to interact with any staff.”

Brenda F.
Medical Terminology

Thank you Medix for giving me the opportunity to take this Medical Terminology course at my own time. I would really like to send a big thank you out to my instructor Roopa Britto. She was awesome in helping me. This course is a great way to further your education, and it is very thorough in all the fields of Medical Terminology. Very well done. Thank you, once again.

Beverlee B
Medical Terminology

The reason I took this course was to further my knowledge in medical terminology. For the past 5 years, I have worked in different healthcare settings and have gained knowledge in the medical field. However, I saw the need to further my knowledge and also be able to prove that I do have the needed knowledge for any job in any healthcare setting. The course was fairly easy to follow online. What I loved is that you could do the course at your own pace–since you have up to a year to complete. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking to expand their medical terminology but cannot assist for MOA.”

Annette M.
Medical Terminology

Shireen H.,“I really enjoyed taking this course. I have learned a lot because of the amount of information provided. The instructor was also very helpful. If I had any questions, she would respond to me right away. I had a lot of support and felt like the course was very detailed and taught me so much. The instructions are also very clear and I felt like it was great to have different assignments and quizzes for each unit to help me learn properly. I also liked receiving the correct answer to any mistakes I had on a quiz from my instructor because this also helped me learn better. I would definitely take another online course with Medix because they give you all the support you need to learn–and to get an excellent grade in the end as well! Thank you Medix!”

Shireen H.
OHIP Billing

I took this course to upgrade my skills as an office admin. I had my fears about doing an online course because I’ve heard it is difficult, but I can say I have no regrets. I had a great instructor who helped me out whenever I had an issue. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about EMR.

Amanda S.
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

I took the OHIP Billing course so I can help my husband in his practice. Taking the course has helped me a great deal.  I am much more comfortable with the billing codes. The software offered through the course was very straight forward and self explanatory. I really enjoyed taking the course because the staff was very prompt and willing to help.

Shabnam I.
OHIP Billing

This course was very helpful. I found the professor to be very personable and responded almost immediately–which is very important since I had limited free time to do my assignments. I love that I had a full year to complete it. It allowed to me truly learn and take my time instead of rushing through. Thank you.

Bailey H.
OHIP Billing

I took this course to be more competent in my work and I liked it.

Katharina P.
Medical Terminology

A really great course with an awesome software to create a working environment and apply for the course. Truly a great combination of training for office in the real world. Highly recommend taking this course after you take the OHIP billing course. One should take these together as they compliment each other very well.

Dorothy G.
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Awesome online course. Course instructor was very helpful and found course extremely worthwhile.

Nicole B.
OHIP Billing

Very informational modules and exams are a good representation of course material.

Samandeep S.
Medical Terminology

My courses were easy to follow and the instructors and staff were always available. Great experience!

Lynn S.
OHIP Billing
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