Communication Skills

Delivery – Online Mobile Learning:  Students can complete this highly engaging and interactive course on any Apple iOS or android phone, tablet, or desktop computer. The course can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Hours: 20 hours (Can be completed in as little as 1 week or up to a maximum period of 8 weeks)


This highly interactive mobile learning micro-course allows prospective entry-level personal care assistants, attendants, companions, or those currently working in patient and client care support roles, to better understand how to effectively communicate with clients, family, and co-workers. The course reviews fundamentals of communication theory and establishes techniques for creating positive, high-quality connections, while also identifying practical strategies to overcome communications challenges in a personal care setting.

Upon successful completion of this micro-course participants will be issued a digital badge affirming that they have achieved the competencies and objectives of the course.

Competencies and Objectives


● Describe the concept of interpersonal relationships and identify how these relationships establish and maintain the client-caregiver roles.

● Identify how verbal and non-verbal communication may be shaped by cultural practices.

● Identify common barriers to communication and use techniques to minimize their impact in client-personal care assistant relationships.


● Demonstrate the ability to communicate professionally, effectively and appropriately to clients with special needs.

● Demonstrate the ability to communicate professionally and effectively, while building positive relationships and high-quality connections with others including clients, their families, and members of the healthcare team.


Week 1

Introduction to Communication Skills


Week 2

Effective Interpersonal Communications


Week 3

Professional Communication


Week 4

Factors Affecting Communication


Week 5

Defense Mechanisms


Week 6

Dealing with Conflict


Week 7

Communication Tips


Week 8

Positive Communications


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Communication Skills
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Communication Skills
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