Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a computer-based or digital version of a patient’s paper medical record used by physicians, nurses and administrative staff. EMR Administration for the Health Office Professional is designed to introduce you to the concepts, knowledge and skills you will need to be successful as a Health Office Professional. Health Office Professionals play an important role in the patient flow of every health care office. As part of your role, a Health Office Professional must be familiar with the technology that is now used to provide better patient care and streamline the workflow of the office.

Individuals who have a firm understanding of a Computerized Medical System (CMS) will find themselves well prepared to succeed in any challenge that is thrown at them. The more education the individual has, the more employment opportunities become available.

Learning Objective:

The EMR course focuses on the components that are required to run a day-to-day medical office:

  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Appointment Scheduling and Billing
  • Patient Electronic Medical Records

Instructional Materials:

Instructional Materials: Choice Learning EMR Essentials Workbook

Software: Via Choice Learning Inc. Accuro EMR

Choice Learning Inc. choicelearning.ca

 *This program does not require approval under the Private Career College Act, 2005


Week 1

Introduction to CMS and EMR (1 hour)

  1. Understand Practice Management Application (PMA) and the day-to-day operations of a medical practice
  2. Explain how CMS and EMR can assist with PMA–including organization of patient demographics, schedule appointments and perform billing tasks
  3. Show how to login
Week 2

Patient Registration (9 hours)

  1. Understand How to Register a New Patient
  2. Understand How to Search for a Patient
  3. Understand How to Modify a Patient
  4. Understand How to Register and Roster a New Patient
  5. Understand How to Roster an Existing Patient
Week 3

Patient Scheduling (10 hours)

  1. Introduction to the Patient Scheduler
  2. Scheduling and Rescheduling an Appointment
  3. Cancelling an Appointment
  4. Finding Next Available Appointment
  5. Booking and Unbooking a Day Off
  6. Jump Ahead and Schedule
  7. Booking Time Off in the Schedule
  8. Printing a Day sheet
Week 4

Billing (10 hours)

  1. Understanding Billing Codes
  2. CMS/EMR Billing Components
  3. Billing and Invoicing in the Office
Week 5

EMR (20 hours)

  1. Creating a Referral Letter
  2. Creating a Sick Note
  3. Creating Lab Requisition
  4. Update CPP information
  5. Record Vital Signs
  6. Uploading Diagnostic Imaging Records
  7. Entering Prescriptions
  8. Growth Chart
  9. Tasks and Email
Week 6


  1. Assignments – 70%
  2. Quizzes – 20%
  3. Final Exam – 10%
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CA $475
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Program Details

50 hours/10 weeks maximum
Includes access to Accuro ® Software and CMS Workflow for Health Office Professional Guide - PDF
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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
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