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The Food Service Worker program trains graduates on the key knowledge and skills needed to be an integral part of an integrated healthcare team by providing quality nutritional service in locations such as long ­term care facilities, hospitals, and special­ care institutions. This 450­ hour program prepares students in important aspects of this

field including food preparation, safe food handling, nutritional requirements, communication, and customer service. This program was developed to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health and Long­ Term Care and employers for those employed as a Food Services Worker in a Long­ Term Care facility.

Program Outline

The Role of the Food Service Worker

This course introduces students to the role and responsibilities of the food service worker within the health care environment. Students will explore the government regulations and standards that guide the delivery of food service in health care organizations. The components of food service systems are presented including food production and delivery, purchasing, receiving, storage, inventory control and menu planning. In addition this course examines quality improvement and risk management programs to help the food service worker provide safe, high quality, and cost ­effective meals to residents and patients.

Mindsetting (TPSC/MAS)

Thought Patterns for a Successful Career is designed to build your understanding, with a structured process, of how your mind works, and how you can control the way you think to achieve success in any part of your life that you desire. Based on decades of research in the fields of cognitive psychology, social learning theory, and high achievement, the education presented in this class stands at the forefront, reflecting the qualities and characteristics of high ­performance individuals and organizations.

Enriched Academy

The Enriched Academy course will teach students how to manage their money and build a solid financial future.

Food Safety & Sanitation

This course focuses on preventing foodborne illness within the health care food service environment. The course addresses safe food handling practices to prevent illness and contamination. Measures to control hazards at each stage of the flow of food from purchasing to preparation through to service are explored.

Communication & the Food Service Worker

Students will learn effective communication skills with patients, residents, co­workers and supervisors in their role as a Food Service Worker. A focus of the course is developing writing skills and presentation skills with emphasis on documenting and charting food intake measuring techniques, communication of therapeutic diets and nutrition support required for treatment.

Quality Food Preparation

Students will examine basic cooking principles and methods of preparing food in large quantities. In addition, the nutritional components of each food will be reviewed to ensure students are aware of the quality and nutritional values of various foods, and methods for maintaining nutrition throughout food preparation and service.

Introduction to Nutrition

This course introduces the nutrition guidelines for Canadians. Students will develop an understanding of the nutrient composition of foods, the processes of digestion and absorption, and nutrition considerations throughout the lifecycle. The relationship between nutrition and health is a key focus of this course with emphasis on current Canadian recommendations and basic menu planning.

Nutrition in Health Care

Nutrition in Health Care examines the basic principles of therapeutic diets for residents and their needs in meal planning. Disease conditions are discussed with emphasis on specific diets and nutrition support required for treatment.


This course focuses on an introduction to general and oral pathology with an emphasis on diseases affecting the oral region, including the principles of inflammation and healing; developmental disturbances; the pathology of dental caries; dental and oral abnormalities; bacterial, viral and mycotic diseases; oral injuries and neoplasms are also studied. Premalignant lesions and their differences from common benign conditions are emphasized. The classification of drugs used in dentistry will be examined. The student will also be introduced to common medical emergencies in the dental office. Preventive measures and management of these emergencies will be reviewed.

Food Handler Certification Training

The Food Handler Certification Training course provides an opportunity for food handlers to learn about food safety and to prepare for the examination to obtain a food handler certificate meeting the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long­Term Care’s food handling training protocol. Topics will include: The role of local boards of health in Ontario, Foodborne Illness, Food Contamination, Basic Microbiology and Factors Affecting Microbial Growth, Food Safety Management System, Time/Temperature Control, Cleaning/Sanitation, Food Storage, and Food Preparation & Serving.

CPR/First Aid/ WHMIS

Students will learn the skills needed to recognize and respond to cardiovascular, choking, airway and breathing emergencies. Students gain the skills needed to perform CPR and wound care to treat a variety of injuries. Upon completion of this course, students will acquire Standard First Aid/CPR level C certification.


This final activity of the Food Service Worker training allows the student the opportunity to develop and refine their skills that have been studied throughout the program at the Career College Group. Long term care facilities will provide work opportunity and mentorship for the students in their final practical experience prior to graduation.

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